Why do you check the weather?

Most of us check to prepare for the day. If the weather never changed, we'd probably never check. But it changes nearly everyday! How do you keep up? That's where deltazeus comes in handy.

get significant weather change alerts

Concept, Design, and Development by Donnie D'Amato

Enter your postal code and we will look up your location.

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Below is a link to your feed. Updates are only made if there are significant changes.

It is recommended to use this feed at IFTTT and connect with a notification channel. Show me how!

If you want to help determine what a significant change is, click the button below to start a survey.

Survey Instructions

The 8 question survey below will help the system determine what is considered a significant change. As you read the questions and consider the weather, please make the following assumptions:

Question 1

At what temperature Fahrenheit (°F) could you wear one tank-top?


Question 2

At what temperature Fahrenheit (°F) could you wear one short sleeve T-shirt?


Question 3

At what temperature Fahrenheit (°F) could you wear one long sleeve shirt?


Question 4

What is the minimum amount of rain that could fall in one day to call for an umbrella?


Question 5

If the forecast originally reported 0% chance of rain, at what minimum percentage would you consider wearing rain gear?


Question 6

What is the minimum amount of snow that could accumulate in one day to call for snow boots?


Question 7

If the current wind was 0 mph, how much faster would it need to be to bother you?


Question 8

The temperature feels most correct when the humidity is below 40%. How much higher would the humidity have to be to affect your day?


All done! Thanks for taking the time to fill out the survey.