Get notified about significant weather changes in your area every day.

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What is deltazeus?

Most of us check to prepare for the day. If the weather never changed, we'd probably never check. But it changes nearly everyday! How do you keep up? That's where deltazeus comes in handy.

After entering in your location above, deltazeus will provide a link to an RSS feed for weather updates in your area. The feed will only update if the changes are significant.

Here's the source code for the project.

What is RSS?

The acronym Really Simple Syndication describes a file format used for providing users with frequently updated content. Content distributors syndicate an RSS feed, thereby allowing users to subscribe a channel for content. For example, most blogs are powered by RSS behind the scenes. You could subscribe to updates via their RSS feed rather than visiting the site and checking for updates.

There are different services that help subscribe to RSS feeds. Personally, I like to use feedly for news but for deltazeus, I'll recommend hooking up your RSS feed to Zapier as it will allow for email notifications for each new feed item.

What is a significant change?

At the moment, significant changes are arbitrary based on a few surveys that were ran a long time ago. I expect to have a better system that allows users to suggest what a significant change feels like as it is often a subjective opinion.